dev86 — C compiler, assembler and linker for 8086

dev86 is a cross development C compiler, assembler and linker environment for the production of 8086 executables (Optionally MSDOS COM)

All you need is in the Dev86src-X.Y.Z.tar.gz file, the others provide only parts of this or just the binaries:

The complete source
The assembler source only
The source to the standard 'bin86' package.
Linux-386 ELF binaries (libc6)
Msdos binaries for making COM files.
Libc binaries all the libc archive files pre-compiled. (For DOS, minix or any machine without GNU make installed)
Patch files, two version numbers mean the patch is between those versions. One means it's between X.Y.Z and X.Y.(Z-1).
[ICO]NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

[DIR]Parent Directory  -
[   ]Dev86bin-0.16.20.tar.gz29-Oct-2013 11:56 390KLinux-386 ELF binaries>
[   ]Dev86bin-0.16.21.tar.gz14-Mar-2014 00:37 395KLinux-386 ELF binaries>
[   ]Dev86clb-0.16.20.zip29-Oct-2013 11:56 157KLibc binaries all the >
[   ]Dev86clb-0.16.21.zip14-Mar-2014 00:37 157KLibc binaries all the >
[   ]Dev86src-0.16.20.tar.gz29-Oct-2013 11:54 700KThe complete source
[   ]Dev86src-0.16.21.tar.gz14-Mar-2014 00:37 700KThe complete source
[DIR]archive/29-Oct-2013 12:48 - All versions
[   ]as86-0.16.20.tar.gz29-Oct-2013 11:54 72KThe assembler source o>
[   ]as86-0.16.21.tar.gz14-Mar-2014 00:36 72KThe assembler source o>
[   ]bin86-0.16.20.tar.gz29-Oct-2013 11:54 150KThe source to the stan>
[   ]bin86-0.16.21.tar.gz14-Mar-2014 00:37 151KThe source to the stan>
[   ]patch-0.16.21.gz14-Mar-2014 00:37 311 Patch files, two versi>

dev86 is currently maintained by Lubomir Rintel, you can send fixes and ehnancements (prefereably in git format-patch format) directly to him, or file an issue in GitHub. The previous maintainer was Robert de Bath.

The source GIT tree is available at GitHub: git://

See comments and COPYING files in the source tree for for distribution condition of dev86 and its components.