shortrpm — Short circuit binary RPM build

shortrpm tricks rpmbuild(1) into thinking certain scriptlets in SPEC file are empty, effectively skipping their run and proceeding to build the binary package from files from previous %install scriptlet run in BuildRoot. The trickery only takes place if both -bb and --short-circuit options are specified.

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[   ]shortrpm-1.4.tar.gz14-Mar-2016 11:27 10K
[   ]shortrpm-1.3.tar.gz29-Apr-2010 12:12 10K
[   ]shortrpm-1.2.tar.gz05-Jan-2015 12:29 10K
[   ]shortrpm-1.1.tar.gz05-Jan-2015 12:29 9.9K
[   ]shortrpm-1.0.tar.gz05-Jan-2015 12:29 9.8K

shortrpm is distributed under the same license as RPM, or (at your option) GNU General Public License as published by Free Software Foundation, version 2 or (at your option) any later version.

Copyright © 2009 Lubomir Rintel