NetBSD and ISO8859-2

Ľubomír Rintel <>

This short article aims to help people that want to use ISO8859-2 character encoding in NetBSD/i386's wscons(4) console. It is very brief, so if you understand Slovak language, I recommend you to read NetBSD Slovak & Czech HOWTO instead. All files you will need for ISO8859-2-ing your console in are in this tarball:


To set iso8859-2 fonts on NetBSD/i386 wscons(4) console you basically need to do this:


For complete iso8859-2 input from pckbd(4) keyboard you need a patch for both kernel and wsconsctl(8). It's because NetBSD does not know about some iso8859-2 characters, specifically characters with caron (hacek) and dead caron key. So do the following:

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