Run NCSA Mosaic your modern OS

A few words about Mosaic

The Web Browser that is blamed for making Web popular. Apart from WWW, it also talks Gopher. Read more on Wikipedia.

Everybody loves screenshots

Displaying a search engine

Notice the throbber picture -- an Easter Egg.

Run Mosaic

You can download RPM source packages of NCSA Mosaic patched to run on today's Linux-based desktops and binaries for i386 architecture below.

These were compiled on Enterprise Linux 5. They should work on Fedora 6 and more recent releases, though I am not completely sure, since it contains lesstif instead of EL's openmotif.

If it doesn't work for your version of Fedora, please install rpm-build package and rebuild this with rpmbuild --rebuild. Good luck!
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The original tarball is Copyright © NCSA, it contains the license text.
Patches are written by Lubomir Rintel and Martin Nagy, as noted in the patch files.