DOS games packages for Linux

prehistorik prehistorik (source package) A side-view platform game
bumpy bumpy (source package) Bumpy's Arcade Fantasy
dave dave (source package) Dangerous Dave
tankwars tankwars (source package) Tank Wars
gp gp (source package) Grand Prix Circuit
dyna dyna (source package) Dyna Blaster
tunneler tunneler (source package) Tunneler
tank tank (source package) Tank Wars
haunted haunted (source package) Dangerous Dave in the Haunted Mansion
prince prince (source package) Prince of Persia
aldo2 aldo2 (source package) Aldo's Adventure 2
mariovga mariovga (source package) Mario Bros VGA
sokoban sokoban (source package) Sokoban
cycles cycles (source package) The Cycles: International Grand Prix Racing

What are these?

Traditional games packaged for easy installation on modern Linux distributions and run with DOSBox.

How to install

You need to have a RPM-based distribution, such as Fedora, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, OpenSUSE, rPath, ...

In most cases, it should be sufficient to click the game name, and follow the instructions.

The repository metadata is also available. To configure YUM to use it, add the following to your /etc/yum.conf file:

name=DOS Games

You can install the games like this: yum install dyna

How to create game packages myself?

Check out the scripts directory. Feel free to ask.

Security note

Since several games need to open files (high scores tables, or even program files) in write mode, they're world-writable in the packages. DOSBox provides no security sandbox, therefore code running in context of the game can manipulate your physical box.

Simply put: Assume the same level of security a plain old DOS would provide when sharing the computer with other users.



You can run the software only if you have a valid license to run it. The code of each of the games was downloaded from public Abandonware sites, and is publically available on numerous Internet sites.

It you are a copyright holder of any of these games and want to have it removed from here, please drop me a mail.