Linux keyboard sharing tools

evmuxd — Event Device Multiplexing Daemon

evmuxd tool creates two Linux virtual keyboards and forwards the events from a given physical keyboard to either of the two. It's possible to switch the target of the redirect with a special key press. This is useful when the user wants to assign a special purpose to one of the keyboard while grabbing it (such as exporting the keyboard via btkbdd(8)) while still retaining the local keyboard functionality on his system.

btkbdd — Bluetooth Keyboard Daemon

btkbdd starts a Bluetooth HID Keyboard service, serving keystrokes obtained via Linux Input subsystem's event device (evdev). In practical terms, it turns your Linux box with a physical keyboard into a Bluetooth keyboard, which can be used by various Bluetooth HID capable devices, including desktop or tablet computers, smart phones, game consoles and so on.

It implements most of the important HID protocol features, including robust connection restores (virtual cabling) and report protocol (as required by Apple's Darwin-based devices). It is possible and encouraged to use the tool with systemd and udev, starting it when event devices appear after a keyboard is plugged in.

The source GIT tree is available at GitHub: git://

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btkbdd is distributed under the terms of GNU General Public License as published by Free Software Foundation, version 1 or (at your option) any later version.

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