Short circuitting binary RPM builds with shortrpm

Ever wonderred why can't you do a rpmbuild -bb --short-circuit just after you found out that you forgot to add something in %files or made a typo in %install, having waited three hours for a package to compile? Being able to quickly fix your problem could easily save you many hours of compiling. You could check whether the package is able to install, check whether dependencies are fine, the program runs, scriptlets behave fine or just rpmlint the resulting package.

There are lot of packages that take >1 hour to build, and for certain packages, say java-1.6.0-openjdk on PowerPC, an extra compilation effectively means one more day to get the package done.

If you don't like having to rebuild your package every time you make a small mistake just because of a religious issue with RPM you may have a look at shormtrpm package. It transparently wraps rpmbuild, causing it to think most sections contain exit 0 as first command intercepting open(3) call via LD_PRELOAD.


Once you install the shortrpm package (and eventually restart your shell), you may follow the same procedure when building the package as before, while gainging the ability to short-circuit the binary package build:

  rpmbuild -ba gnomovision.spec

Oh my! Install failed on EL-5 since I forgot to add --vendor parameter to desktop-file-install. Fix it.

  rpmbuild -bi --short-circuit gnomovision.spec

Succeeded. Fine. You'd have to do an extra rebuild here without shortrpm.

  rpmbuild -bb --short-circuit gnomovision.spec

rpmlint says you're missing %defattr and that your permissions are generally insane. Fix it. Again one more rebuild without shortrpm.

  rpmbuild -bb --short-circuit gnomovision.spec

Looks fine. I'm gonna do a final build to ensure everything builds fine as it is.

  rpmbuild -ba gnomovision.spec

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First published
Wed Apr 29 10:24:47 2009
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Wed Apr 29 10:54:46 2009

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