Enterprise Linux 6: worth your support

Around a week ago a first beta of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 has been released. If you can, please download the install mediai, or maybe create a live CD or a flash stick, run it, and report bugs you find. Wondering why would you do that work for a commercial Linux distro, especially if you're not going buy a subscription? Apart from the fact, that you're going to get the code anyway via CentOS project, there's one more reason:

It's going to be awesome.

Simply put, Enterprise Linux 6 is going to be the distro, that will be wise to put on your grandmother's workstation (provided she doesn't hack on Fedora). As an enterprise Linux offering, it's going to get security updates for seven years, without a risk of randomly breaking every now and then.

Linux desktop has never been this good.

Remember Enterprise Linux 5? Since those times, the distro gained multiple monitor support by means of xrandr 1.2, out of box support for most graphics adapters on the market without messing with binary drivers of questionable quality. Audio playback got much more usable with inclusion of pulseaudio. With kernel mode setting and plymouth the boot process does no longer seem like a quick hack, and with the optimization done it even takes much less time. In nearly every aspect of desktop use not excluding printing, web camera support, or power management big improvements has been made.

While the package selection (though probably sufficient for most uses) still seems modest compared to community distributions, remember that there's Fedora EPEL, a collection of "backports" of Fedora packages for Enterprise Linux. Moreover, the RPM Fusion repository contains additional packages that Fedora does not want to ship. In case you don't need to pay for a license to play DVDs or MP3 files in your country, you will be able to get the necessary decoders there.

So please do grab your copy now and participate in Beta. It's going to pay off.

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First published
Sun May 9 19:44:36 2010 -0400
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Sun May 9 19:44:36 2010 -0400

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